Mozilla Updates Firefox Add-Ons Site With Collections

Mozilla Updates Firefox Add-Ons Site With Collections

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could click one link and have all your favourite add-ons automatically installed on a new copy of Firefox? Mozilla makes it so with Collections, the newest feature of a revamped add-on site.

We’d seen beta previews of the new add-on site, but as of this morning, the redesign has gone live. The new skin and organisation make it more apparent how to search, sort, and install add-ons, but Collections, and the Add-On Collector extension, are the real new hotness.

Put simply, Collections are just a pre-packaged set of add-ons that are given a name, a description, and a unique URL, like (Note: Not a real collection, at least until someone spoofs it). So they can make it convenient if you happen to know of or find a great set, but the real power comes in creating your own collections, either by typing and selecting add-ons on the site, or automatically culled from your current extensions with the Add-On Collector.

By creating a new collection, which you can make private or public, you basically create an up-to-date backup of your must-have Firefox extensions. For frequent Firefox re-installers, a good collection is going to be a must. For those looking to help out Firefox newcomer friends or keep a group of workers updated, it seems like a pretty nifty tool. The Add-On Collector was having some problems connecting to my Mozilla account this morning, but that is, hopefully, just launch morning bugs.

The Add-On Collector is a free download for Firefox, while the Collections site works on the web. Both require a Mozilla account to save and synchronise collections.

Got a great collection already built? Link us to it and give us a few details in the comments.

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