Most Aussies Happy With Phone And Net Service

Most Aussies Happy With Phone And Net Service

We might be keen on complaining about telcos and ISPs, but it turns out that the average Australian actually thinks they’re getting a reasonable deal when it comes to communications services.

According to survey research by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, on average 75% of Australians are either “very satisfied” and “somewhat satisfied” with their telecommunications services. There wasn’t a massive difference in figures between metropolitan and rural areas, despite the former generally having a much wider range of options to choose from. Those users who weren’t happy largely focused on price, customer service and poor mobile reception.

In the Internet space, around 5% of users weren’t happy with their connection speed, and 4% complained that broadband was not available (a figure that again didn’t vary between metro and rural areas). Almost one in five respondents said they were considering switching Internet providers in the next year, which is yet another useful reminder of why you shouldn’t sign up for long-term contracts with your ISP.

Most Australians satisfied with communications services [ACMA]


  • Will be interesting to see how things go as more tv/iptv/movies, games, software, SaaS, etc – get delivered via net to peoples’ loungerooms. If the aussie public ends up playing catchup to be able to join in on consumption of this, there also won’t be as many aussie businesses and developers making cash off of developing on the cutting edge of coming technologies like this…

  • Really, people are happy with it… how many of the people were “somewhat satisfied” I bet it made up a large proportion of the 75% “somewhat satisfied” seems to be a polite way of saying “just good enough”
    It could be a lot better!

  • The problem is that most Aussies have no idea what they should be getting in terms of net service. It isn’t until you see the daylight that you realize you are left in the dark.

  • Someone rings me = my phone rings. I ring someone = their phone rings. Yup, I’m happy with my phone service.

    If you live in the bush where mobiles don’t work, then you don’t have one. No point buying one and then complaining!

  • Asking uninformed people what they think of their telecommunications providers is a moot point. Of the people asked, who knew exactly what they were getting and what people in other countries were getting in comparision for same price point?

  • I bet most Australians are “Happy” with their internet is because they don’t realise that in some other countries they can download at over ten times the speed with no download limit at all for under half the cost…

    Put a one rat in a cardboard box and it’s happy. He just becomes unhappy when he knows there is another rat in a mansion across the street.

  • I think its just that a lot of us don’t realize how much better some countries have got it. I like our mobile reception and speed with Telstra, I’m kinda proud cause we have far better 3g support than the US. But our prices are way higher. I wish we had a system more like I saw AT&T have where you can pay something like $15 and have unlimited texts for a month. For us, lets say im a heavy texter and might send 1000 texts in a month, at the rate most carriers charge of 25c a text (to any network) thats gonna cost me $250.

  • I always wonder how these ‘surveys’ come to the results they do, eg, who do they ask to complete their surveys for them? I work in the IT industry and almost everyone I speak to is not happy with the products offered in Australia especially those that have had experience overseas. Perhaps as one user said they are targeting the very basic user, does your phone receive calls ok? ‘yes’, how do you find your internet speed? ‘well I get my e-mails every day and there is a lot of stuff written that seems to come through rather fast so that’s good right’

    Australian prices for data plans are ridiculous, capping both speed and data and extremely expensive per GB compared to other developed countries. Speeds are also slow compared to others. We should have had a fibre network in place in at least the top 4-5 cities in Australia as Korea has had fibre rolled out for many many years already!

  • most of those who voted must be a australian that never travel the world. when you actually compare with most europe and asian countries we are playing too much for internet or phone bills considering the exchange rate. i got relatives over at hong kong or china they all pay less than $20AU for internet which has better speed and more download quotas. it’s not about how satisfy people are, it’s how we compare with other countries. no point of asking people is coke better or pepsi, when they only drank coke. it’s a waste of money and doesn’t really do much in turns on achieveing any standards against the world.

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