Most Aussies Happy With Phone And Net Service

We might be keen on complaining about telcos and ISPs, but it turns out that the average Australian actually thinks they’re getting a reasonable deal when it comes to communications services.

According to survey research by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, on average 75% of Australians are either “very satisfied” and “somewhat satisfied” with their telecommunications services. There wasn’t a massive difference in figures between metropolitan and rural areas, despite the former generally having a much wider range of options to choose from. Those users who weren’t happy largely focused on price, customer service and poor mobile reception.

In the Internet space, around 5% of users weren’t happy with their connection speed, and 4% complained that broadband was not available (a figure that again didn’t vary between metro and rural areas). Almost one in five respondents said they were considering switching Internet providers in the next year, which is yet another useful reminder of why you shouldn’t sign up for long-term contracts with your ISP.

Most Australians satisfied with communications services [ACMA]


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