Mobile Bing Lacks Aussie Zing

Mobile Bing Lacks Aussie Zing
mobilebingAnother feature to add to the list of options Australia isn’t getting yet with Microsoft’s Bing search engine: decent mobile phone support.

While the US Bing rollout offers a customised site for mobile phone users which includes results based on your location, heading to variously redirects to the standard Bing site or a cut-down version of the US option (I got different results at different times and with different clients). You can use the US mobile site from your phone, but it’s essentially only a rebranded version of the old mobile Windows Live Search site, doesn’t have any location information unless you manually enter it, and lags well behind Google in terms of mobile features.

That might change when Bing gets another of its missing features — categorised local results — but for now it makes Bing an unlikely candidate for your phone, and only a semi-compelling option on your desktop.


  • I tweeted about this on launch, same experience here. I tried Sydney Pizza and didn’t get location specific results (although a picture of a Pizza which is helpful -not).

    Same query on Google Mobile and click to call links to restaurants, maps, etc. Google 1. bing 0.

    Like you, also experienced the Windows Live branding on bing mobile.

    If Microsoft want to beat Google they need to be as a minimum equally as compelling as Google, then find that must have new feature that makes me sit up and take notice.

    Comparing bing mobile to Google’s download mobile app (with voice activated search) just makes bing look even more antiquated.

    A disappointing experience with bing and I won’t be back.

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