Meta-iPod Cleans And Repairs Your iTunes Library

Windows only: The bigger your iTunes library, the more difficult it becomes to locate and fix any problems that arise, whether you're faced with play counts or ratings gone awry, missing or duplicate tracks, or missing album art. That's where diagnostic tool meta-iPod comes in handy.

meta-iPod diagnoses a host of iTunes bugs to keep your iTunes library in tip-top shape. Just fire it up, point it at your iTunes library, and let it analyse your tunes for any of several fixes. The application even integrates with your iPod, so that if you've got tracks or playlists on your iPod that aren't currently in your iTunes library, you can easily add them to your library.

Developed by the same person who brought us the previously mentioned Pod to PC and Pod to Mac applications (both of which can transfer music from any iPod or iPhone to your computer), meta-iPod is a free download, Windows only. While you're on a clean-up kick, check out our recent Hive Five for a list of your six favourite tools for cleaning up MP3 tags.



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