Make Your Financial New Year Resolutions

Make Your Financial New Year Resolutions
endfycalendarJune 30 marks the end of the financial year in Australia. As well as inspiring lots of last-minute business purchases for tax purposes, it’s also a sensible time to make some new work and finance plans for the year ahead.

We’ve offered up plenty of suggestions for making conventional New Year’s resolutions stick in the past. Financial new year resolutions are more likely to focus on what you want to achieve at work, whether that’s a project goal, a change of position, or just a better salary.

If you’re super-organised and are just waiting on your earnings summary to submit your tax return, it might also incorporate any planned spending for your refund. Not all of them need to be so mercenary, however: one popular option is Dry July, giving up alcohol for a month to enhance your health.

As a freelancer, my big resolutions for the new financial year are to be more organised when it comes to submitting invoices and to finally write a book. What are your new financial year goals? Offer ’em up in the comments.


  • I’m going to pay off my Credit Card, pay off an interest free loan I have for a Fridge, and keep building my emergency fund to the point where I can live off it for 6 months.

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