Make The Palm Pre Archive Instead Of Delete Gmail Messages

Make The Palm Pre Archive Instead Of Delete Gmail Messages

As with the iPhone, the just-released Palm Pre can sync up with a Gmail account, but doesn’t offer a native Archive button. With a familiar settings work-around, your Pre can start thinking like a real Gmail client.

As with the iPhone tweak we’ve previously detailed, getting the Pre to make archiving as easy as deleting is a matter of changing its IMAP access to your account. Unlike the iPhone, the Pre lacks a “Move to Folder” action, so getting email into your All Mail folder is even more crucial.

Tech blogger Lisa Brewster points out that by opening your Pre’s Mail application, heading to Preferences and Accounts, and then choosing your Gmail account, you can set your Trash folder to [Gmail] /All Mail, which, in effect, makes deleting an email an archive action instead.

Got another Pre-to-Gmail request or trick to share? Tell us about it in the comments. Thanks for the tip, David! Palm Pre Gmail archive hack [Lisa Brewster]


  • I still like to delete mail vs. archive on my Gmail via Pre, and I agree the Menu | Move to folder… scroll, scroll, scroll is tedious. I got around the last part by creating a new label called .AllMail (with preceding period) which will alphabetize to the top of the list. I can remove mail from this label later if I want but it makes for an easy destination.

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