Make A Quick, Spicy Sauce For Last-Minute Dinners

If you lack for foodie friends, you might not have heard all about sriracha, a pan-Asian chili sauce that's potent but not too spicy. One blogger suggests a quick tweak that makes it more mellow and perfect for meat flavoring.

Ed Schneider writes in at Mark Bittman's New York Times blog with this finding:

... If you add some Worcestershire sauce you get the world's best condiment for breaded pork cutlets or other crisp, rich, greasy things. It's kind of like tonkatsu sauce, but spicy and not as sweet.

I tried this out recently, adding a teaspoon or two to about an eighth of a cup of sriracha, and the results made for a seriously flavorful topping for a quick dinner of pork chops yanked from the freezer. Sriracha can be found in most grocery stores' international aisles, and if you don't have some, you owe it to yourself to pick some up.

More on Sriracha [Bitten Blog/NYTimes]


    Anyone know where to get this in Sydney?

    Sounds great! I'll be looking out for some at our local Asian supermarket next time I'm there - this is a very timely suggestion since we're picking up a half dozen pork chops on Saturday, from the (proper!) free range heritage breeds people at The Gypsy Pig (look 'em up if you're in Melbourne - they're at the farmers' markets, and you can place an order during the week to collect from the farmers' market on the Saturday).

    Fletch - I'd guess any little Asian-type supermarket? No idea where you'd find those in Sydney, but there's bound to be whole streets of them.

    In Melbourne - the Asian supermarket next to Vic market (up from the McDonalds) is great, as is the whole of Victoria St in Richmond/Abbotsford (where there's also a great Indian shop, near Church St).

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