Long-Term Talking Can Cause “Mobile Phone Elbow”

Long-Term Talking Can Cause “Mobile Phone Elbow”

You may not have heard of cubital tunnel syndrome, but you can probably imagine what causes “mobile phone elbow.” Doctors compare keeping your elbow bent for long periods of time on mobile calls to “stepping on a garden hose,” and note that numbness, tingling, or aching in the forearm or hand are an early warning you should invest in a hands-free calling solution. How do you make calls more ergonomic and less aggravating to your body, along with your focus?[HealthDay via CNET]


  • I actually have had multiple surgeries for cubital tunnel syndrome to feel an entrapped ulna nerve. Not only is it brought on by mobile phones, it can be aggravated by repeated movement from the keyboard to the number bad on a classic style keyboards.

    My CS was initially a result of a childhood injury, but I learned back in 1995 that my computer habits were worsening the condition and necessiated 6 surgeries to fix the problem.

    Talk smart. Type smart.

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