Last Week’s Best Posts

Last Week’s Best Posts
appledisplayKick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn’t miss any of the biggest posts from last week:
  • Why I Didn’t Buy A Mac
    When I decided to purchase a new PC for the Hand Luggage Only project, I had a pretty open mind about what I might get, but I must admit there was one decision already made: I definitely wasn’t going to buy a Mac.
  • Six Best MP3 Tagging Tools
    A well tagged MP3 collection makes everything from organisation to playback easier. Keep reading for a closer look at your fellow readers’ favourite tools for cleaning up their MP3 tags in this week’s Hive Five.
  • Windows Vista SP2 Available For Download (Windows)
    Service Pack 2 is officially available for download, bringing better Wi-Fi and BlueTooth connectivity, processor compatibility, native Blu-Ray support, and faster search to Windows Vista.
  • Avoid Unhygienic Restaurants With National Food Safety Lists
    If you’re going to splurge on dining out, the last thing you want to worry about is food poisoning. Eat healthy (in both senses) with our national guide to lists of restaurants served with penalty notices.
  • Turn Your Spare Thumb Drives Into Feature-Packed Giveaway Drives
    Flash drives aren’t quite a dime a dozen, but it’s pretty easy to amass a bunch of them in your office drawer. This guide helps you turn them into software-packed giveaway drives.Many readers were curious about the giveaway flash drives in my laptop bag.
  • PatchMateXP Creates A Windows Update CD (Windows)
    Updating your Windows install over a slow connection, or as part of multiple installations, can be a time-consuming pain. PatchMateXP bundles all current updates onto an easy to use deployment disk.
  • Planning The Perfect Travel Washbag
    If you’re trying to travel light (which is what the Hand Luggage Only project is all about), keeping your washbag trim is a key strategy. But how can you do that effectively and still stay clean, healthy and presentable?
  • Back Up And Play Your Wii Games From An External Hard Drive
    A disc that never leaves the case can never be scratched. Save your Wii games to an external hard drive with this handy tutorial for speedier and scratch-free playback.Lifehacker reader Mike put together a tutorial on enabling hard-drive-based playback on your Wii.
  • The Clean Glass Firefox Customisation (Windows)
    After we wrote about the All-Glass Firefox theme, reader bc//G_A wrote in with an even more impressive customisation that enables the Aero Glass effect across almost every UI element.
  • All-Glass Firefox Enables Slick Transparency Effects
    Windows only: All-Glass Firefox v2 extends the super-slick Windows Vista Aero transparency effects to almost every piece of the Firefox interface.
  • WindowTabs Groups Program Windows Into Chrome-Like Tabs (Windows)
    You’ve got a web page, a file folder, and a chat window open, and they’re all about the same project. WindowTabs, a free-to-try utility, can group together all those app windows with top-most, Google-Chrome-like tabs.
  • 70 Wallpapers To Dress Up Your Dual Monitors
    Throw a little eye candy on your dual monitors with this roundup of stunning wallpapers courtesy of Smashing Magazine.
  • Skype 4.1 Beta Adds Screen Sharing And Other New Features (Windows)
    Popular video and voice chat application Skype has just released a new beta version for Windows users featuring several cool new features, most notably the addition of a screen sharing feature that allows you to share your desktop with any contact.
  • MovieStinger Reveals Which Movies Have Scenes After The Credits
    “Oh man! Did you see that extra scene after the credits? It was great!” Ever heard those words in the lobby after you’d walked out before the credits finished rolling?
  • Growl For Windows Updates, Adds Gmail Notifications (Windows)
    The latest update for Growl for Windows adds a slew of new features-including support for Thunderbird, Snarl, system monitoring, and even a Gmail notifier.
  • Google Wave “Is What Email Would Look Like If It Were Invented Today”
    Google announced today a new, experimental idea aiming to reshape the future of communication on the web. It’s called Wave, and if you believe its developer, it’s “what email would look like if it were invented today.” It’s also going to be totally open source. Intrigued?
  • LightBox Makes Simple Touch-Ups A Snap (Windows)
    LightBox is an extremely user friendly tool for editing photos when you need more than a simple crop and resize but less than a full out Photoshop massaging.

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