Last Week’s Best Posts

Kick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn’t miss any of the biggest posts from last week:

  • Optus Wants $9.99 A Month For iPhone Tethering
    Optus has finally announced its plans for iPhone tethering, and they’re not pretty: if you want to use your iPhone running the 3.0 OS as a modem, you’ll have to pay an extra $9.99 a month for the privilege
  • Lifehacker Pack 2009: Our List Of Essential Free Mac Downloads
    We’ve featured countless apps or all sorts over the years, but if you just want a quick look at the best free downloads for your Mac, this post’s for you.
  • VirtualBox 3.0 Beta Adds Gaming-Level Graphics (Windows/Mac/Linux)
    If you’re a gamer or heavy graphics user of virtual machines, VirtualBox 3.0 has an early beta out that introduces OpenGL 2.0 and Direct3D support. If you have no clue what that means, the release has other goodies, too.
  • Speed Up iPod Video Conversions By Ditching H.264
    A simple settings tweak can make converting video files for use on an iPod or other similar device much faster.
  • Lifehacker’s Firefox Add-On Packs
    It used to be a pain to hunt down your favourite extensions every time you reinstall Firefox. Mozilla’s recently launched Collections make it easy, so we’ve assembled a few easy-to-install collections of our favourite Firefox helpers.
  • Nexus Dock Has Leopard-Style Eye-Candy Effects (Windows)
    Free application WinStep Nexus Dock boasts just about every feature you’d expect from a dock, including widgets, mouse-over effects, skins, drag-and-drop and even support for Vista Aero Glass effects.
  • The Future Of GPS Traffic Monitoring In Australia
    The Suna traffic-tracking service will cover most of Australia’s key cities within weeks, but what else can we expect from this handy GPS enhancing technology? Lifehacker chatted with Adam Game, CEO of Suna’s parent company Intelematics, to find out.
  • Hands On With iPhone 3.0’s Best New Features
    The iPhone 3.0 software update hit servers a few hours ago, and we spent our afternoon playing with every new feature we could find. Step inside for a look at our favourite new iPhone 3.0 features.
  • StandaloneStack Is An Awesome File Browsing Widget (Windows)
    We’ve already shown you how you can browse through files from the Stacks widget in the upcoming Snow Leopard release-but you can get that feature right now on your Windows PC.
  • Turn Old CDs Into A DIY iPod Dock
    Got a pile of old, scratched-up coasters that you don’t really need anymore? You can repurpose them into a dock for your iPod, iPhone or other audio player.
  • Opera Unite Puts A Media Server In Your Browser (Windows/Mac/Linux)
    A test version of Opera’s formidable alternative browser introduces Unite, a plug-in that lets users share music, pictures, files, notes, and chat rooms straight from their desktop. Check out its services and features in a quick screenshot tour.
  • Google Wave Questions And Answers
    After whinging loudly about not having access to the Google Wave preview, Santa GOOG dropped me an invite. Last night I held a Wave Q&A on Twitter; here are the results, complete with screenshots.
  • Mac4Lin Gives Linux Desktops The Complete Mac Look
    Linux: Mac4Lin, a package of skins, wallpapers, icons and interface refinements that brings a completist Mac look to Linux with an automated installation, has reached the 1.0 stage with an impressive array of features.
  • PureSync Makes File Backup And Synchronisation Simple (Windows)
    PureSync is a user-friendly file syncing and backup application. If you’ve been putting off messing around with syncing files, PureSync’s simple profiles and smooth interface might just lure you into data safety.
  • Hands On With Mac OS X Snow Leopard (Developer Preview)
    The upgrade to Mac OS X Snow Leopard won’t include many new features-so will it be worth the trouble?
  • Daum Blue Firefox Theme is Clean, Simple And Elegant (Firefox/Windows only)
    Firefox theme Daum Blue is not just clean and simple-it also looks great and blends in well with your Windows 7 or Vista desktop.
  • The Starlight Desktop
    Reader rykennedyan’s desktop combines a beautiful wallpaper with a full set of launchers and tools integrated into a taskbar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Evernote 3.0 Makes Syncing Instantaneous, Improves Capture Speed (iPhone/iPod Touch)
    Evernote, the brain-expanding memory and note tool, is making full use of the iPhone 3.0 features with a new version that makes reading, synchronising, mapping, recording, photo-capturing, and landscape-viewing your notes easier, and promises app interactivity to come.
  • Top 10 How-To Cooking Videos
    Cooking isn’t a skill you can pick up through reading alone. Watch chefs, enthusiastic home cooks, and even a surprise celebrity guest demonstrate cooking skills everyone can use in this roundup of 10 great instructional cooking videos.

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