Laptop Connect Rents 3G Broadband Access

Laptop Connect Rents 3G Broadband Access
laptopconnectIf you have a temporary need for a 3G broadband connection and don’t fancy a long-term contract or a pricey pay-as-you-go device, then rental is an option to consider.

Laptop Connect rents Next G USB devices; you order online and they’re posted in a reply-paid envelope, which you use to return at the end of the loan period. The minimum-length rental is 3 days, which will set you back $59.20. There’s a one gigabyte a week limit, but in a travel context trying to download a whole TV series probably isn’t wise anyway.

If you’re planning a trip to a remote area but can’t see a long-term need for a wireless 3G connection, that could be a useful solution (especially given Next G’s extensive Australian coverage; it’s not much of an option for an overseas trip though). If you know of any other similar services, share them in the comments.

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  • Broadband and telcos here in Australia suck! Unbelievable how much they charge and for so little. If you go to North America, broadband is everywhere, in every coffee shop. You can go anywhere within a town or city and pick up a signal. You can pay for city wide service and just pay a nominal monthly charge. Perfect for the traveller on the go, who doesnt need a T1 connection.

    Hopefully Rud gives this is a little more attention, because the ridiculous state of broadband here is one factor that is probably slightly dampening an economy that could be a little better than it is.

    Great blog BTW, and fantastic content. I have you on my reader. Cheers.

  • Hi there

    Just a quick clarification, $59.20 is for 4 days, not 3. Anything over 5 days is under $10 bucks (11 days is $6.81 a day!) so it’s cheaper than most hotels and even internet cafe’s for a short term solution.

    Thanks for your interest – the feedback is much appreciated!

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