JB Hi-Fi To Ditch CD Singles

jbsinglesThe CD single has been all but killed off by digital downloads, and it looks like the format is about to receive a mortal blow in the Australian market with JB Hi Fi dumping physical singles entirely.

From July 1, JB Hi-Fi will no longer stock singles in any of its stores. An internal memo sighted by Lifehacker notes that “the sales for this format have declined steadily for the last 12 months to a level where it no longer makes sense from a business perspective or customer service perspective to continue with the format”. Indeed, in a typical JB store, the singles section has already shrunk to being smaller than the comedy CDs. JB will stock the occasional EP from high-profile artists, but they’ll be shelved with albums.

Though unsurprising, this is bad news for physical music obsessives like Lifehacker’s editor who are steadily running out of places to feed their habit. If anyone can recommend a good online or offline source for local CD singles, share it in the comments.


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