JB Hi-Fi To Ditch CD Singles

JB Hi-Fi To Ditch CD Singles
jbsinglesThe CD single has been all but killed off by digital downloads, and it looks like the format is about to receive a mortal blow in the Australian market with JB Hi Fi dumping physical singles entirely.

From July 1, JB Hi-Fi will no longer stock singles in any of its stores. An internal memo sighted by Lifehacker notes that “the sales for this format have declined steadily for the last 12 months to a level where it no longer makes sense from a business perspective or customer service perspective to continue with the format”. Indeed, in a typical JB store, the singles section has already shrunk to being smaller than the comedy CDs. JB will stock the occasional EP from high-profile artists, but they’ll be shelved with albums.

Though unsurprising, this is bad news for physical music obsessives like Lifehacker’s editor who are steadily running out of places to feed their habit. If anyone can recommend a good online or offline source for local CD singles, share it in the comments.


  • hmm, 78records if you’re in Western Australia.
    Rare Records if you’re in Victoria.
    Redeye or Utopia maybe if you’re in NSW.

    Not sure about other states sorry, but those are probably my favourites 🙂

  • Great idea… what a waste of a whole CD for a single and a couple of B sides. Think of the positives in terms of saved landfill alone.

    If good lossless alternatives are promoted I don’t see why this would have a negative effect on people that like to buy their music as singles a-la-iTunes. Likely better for the environment and probably cheaper for the consumer too.

  • Record companies killed the single by only putting 2 tracks on them – idiots !!!
    They are desperate for cash but have no idea how to.
    They spend thousands commisioning mixes that never get really released.
    No wonder this poor industry is in decline.
    I think it is time for a changing of the guard !
    It is such a shame MP3 is the format of choise these days – such BAD quality sound……
    Anyone can tell the difference.
    As to why buy singles – well they USED to have mixes and exclusive content and the like.
    They have been around forever.
    If we must buy downloadable singles – I say make them a singles package – with mixes, b sides etc.

  • Oh Phixxit, thank god for you!! With a generation that things a single is a one track download, they are missing the point and the history…I will never get rid of my singles nor stop buying them (I buiy allot from the UK through http://www.actionrecords.co.uk http://www.recordstore.co.uk and several retailers have ebay stores on the UK ebay site. Yes, the labels really got it wrong when they started doing 2 track singles, but you can see they did it to reflect the cost of a download rather than giving fans who support the physical format as a CD can fit so much audio content.
    There is also a generation that thinks that making a CD is easy because CD-R’s are cheap, it’s such an amazing technology that is my way of making sure the tracks I like will remain in a format I can always refer to…who is to say in 5 years time that several legal online stores go bust and the playing licenses they issue with payment suddenly are lost? Then what do you have? Possibly a cd burn of the tracks as back up but other than that, not something that will last.
    And it does puzzle me why labels commission remixes and not do anything with them…if they think that hearing an amazing mix at a club, online or on the radio is going to make you want to buy the normal album version, it’s so wrong! remixes take a song to a different level and become wanted for that very fact.
    And yay to Lauren as play4me and chaos are the best Australian online stores.
    Thanks do go out to JB Hi Fi for always providing a good range of all new releases, including singles….I understand the decision, the format is dying (which isn’t helped by warner music australia releasing the new Little Boots single as a 1 track cd single…who will buy this the same time as their album coming out? Pointless and that is a waste of cd materials.

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