iPhone Plan Calculator Now Covers 3GS

iPhone Plan Calculator Now Covers 3GS
Andrew Parry’s iPhone plan calculator has always been a useful tool, so it’s great news that it’s been updated to cover the new 3GS plans released by carriers over the last week.

Making a single recommendation for all users is difficult, so Parry’s calculator, which lets you set the criteria which matter for you and now includes iPhone 3.0 features such as tethering and MMS, can be a helpful way to sift through the options. As Nick at Gizmodo points out, the calculator should hopefully soon get an update with plans from 3 as well.

Numbers In A Flash [via Gizmodo]


  • Watch how the Optus 99 plan soars when you add voicemail access. Their $79 plan seems way better – especially now that it’s discounted to $69!

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