iPhone 3.0 Jailbreak Available Via PwnageTool, QuickPwn To Follow

iPhone 3.0 Jailbreak Available Via PwnageTool, QuickPwn To Follow

Mac OS X only: The iPhone Dev Team has already released the iPhone 3.0-jailbreaking Pwnage Tool for Mac OS X (just two days after the iPhone 3.0 release), with QuickPwn for Windows and OS X soon to follow. There are a few catches, though.

This current jailbreak has its peculiarities (it doesn’t currently work with 2G iPod touches or the iPhone 3GS), so before you go straight to the download and jailbreak, be sure to read up on the full blog post from the Dev Team. The real question at this point: The better the iPhone 3.0 software gets (and this really is the best it’s been yet), the less reason many people have to jailbreak (unlocking for other carriers is another story). Is a jailbreak still worth it to you? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

trois, drei, три, három! [Dev-Team Blog via TUAW and Gizmodo]


  • I was impressed that the New 3GS had a Video camera, and I ‘Jailbreak’ my 3G so that I can put on video camera software (there are a couple I use), I had hoped that the 3.0 Firmware would include the Video Camera software, but it did not; so I will continue to ‘Jailbreak’ my iPhone so that I can take videos – as a friend pointed out, just like almost every other phone on the market today…

  • I upgraded to 3.0 on Thursday night, as I knew I could live without jailbreak for at least a couple of days.

    That said, I’m very happy with the 3.0 update and the new features that came with it. The only things I missed immediately are sbSettings, SSH and the ability to use the ~14GB partition the way I want to.

    I’m totally unimpressed by Optus’ behaviour locking down thethering. It stinks of profiteering when you’re already charging the customer for the data plan and then asking for a second bite of the cherry.

    Shame, shame, shame Optus. I’ll probably vote with my feet this year, despite having already found a way around the lock (thethering via Bluetooth is awesome by the way).

  • of course it’s still valuable. gettitng copy paste isn’t the only thing jailbreaking offers. there’s offline maps (very handy for touch users)
    5 row keyboard
    backgrounder (there still are hardly any apps that suport push)
    safari user agent faker
    and of course custom themes

  • I want to pull my hair out !!!
    I got my 3gs at 7am on the release day, just couldnt wait.
    Now I am being forced to wait ..
    without springboard, ssh, direct file access, and everything else i used on my 3g, it just ins’t the same phone. yes faaster, better camera, and so on but if I am unable to customize EVERYTHING then I’m heart broken. Someone please provide unlock software for the 3gs before I openly trade the new 3gs for the slower 3g.

  • Look, with all technology I get, if there is SOME way of making my unit different to other peoples in my school, or a way to add extra functionality, I will take that option and use it.

    Jailbreaking my iPhone has helped solve things I didn’t like about the iPhone, and it’s given me more power in customizing the GUI.
    I love a customized GUI, and with that said, I will always keep my iPhone jailbroken whilst I can.

    Great work on a fast release, I’ll get to jailbreaking ASAP

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