Hunch Answers Questions Based On Your Personality

Hunch Answers Questions Based On Your Personality

“It depends” can be a frustrating answer when you’re looking for solid, dependable answers. Decision engine Hunch, however, tries to make your personality count and offer relevant choices for shopping, career, health and other questions.

Whether those profiling questions help or not depend on the question. Click on “Should I buy a Blu-ray player?” for example, and you’ll be asked a series of questions—about TV size, the importance of HD quality, how much extra you’d pay for disc—that seem to determine the answer all on their own. On other questions, like the credit card query pictured up top, Hunch shows you ranked choices based on what “people like you” prefer, and theoretically takes into account your answers about “planning ahead” versus “living for today.”

Hunch is, at the moment, a pretty neat exploration tool, and a fun dive into your mind’s workings. It’s free to use, with an optional sign-up for account and answer saving.


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