GROCERYchoice Dumped As “Not Feasible”

GROCERYchoice Dumped As “Not Feasible”

Lifehacker was never very impressed with the government’s GROCERYchoice price comparison site ever since its launch, so the news that it’s been dumped comes as no great shock or loss.

Minister for Consumer Affairs Craig Emerson announced on Friday that the site was being ditched entirely, just days before it was due to be relaunched under the auspices of CHOICE. I’ve little doubt that the consumer rights publisher could have done a better job, but the fact remains: without co-operation from supermarkets letting the data gatherers have direct access to their nationwide price lists, this kind of project was never going to be very helpful. And such co-operation, unsurprisingly, was not forthcoming.

For a more practical and long-lasting approach on how to save money on the weekly shop, try writing your shopping list a day ahead or organising your list by supermarket zone — but don’t forget that super-cheap food may have a hidden cost.

Government will not proceed with Grocery Choice [via ABC News]


  • Another example where people try to solve people/business/process issues with technology solutions. There must be cheaper, non-technology solutions if we only stopped to think about the final outcome being sought.

  • CHOICE is a small-time periodical that’s under-resourced to properly manage a comprehensive website of this scale. they produce a proven, balanced, effective (albeit expensive) publication and a fairly rudimentary website of their own. they promote themselves as an independent consumer organisation, (although they are very clearly first and foremost a commercial enterprise).
    It is probably a blessing in disguise that they didn’t end up with the job.

    Now all that remains is to find the corrupt officials who pocketed a sizeable chunk of that cash — but perhaps we’ll never know, just like the recent Myki fiasco.

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