Google Maps To Add Public Transport For Canberra, (Sydney)

Public transport users in Perth and Adelaide can already plot their trips with Google Maps, and soon Canberra and a minute part of Sydney will be able to join in the journey-planning goodness.

Google yesterday revealed that it will be offering integrated public transport information — that is, maps and real-time timetables — for Canberra and Sydney from "later in June". The Canberra service will cover the entire ACTION bus network, which is good news.

The Sydney announcement unfortunately is less impressive: it only covers the inner-city monorail and tram services, which to be perfectly honest are overpriced tourist traps with zero integration with the rest of the system. Actual Sydney public transport authorities like Cityrail already have a reputation for technophobia, and it's a real shame that they haven't yet found a way to co-operate with Google.


    Just so you know, your "reputation for technophobia" link is a link to the same page.

      Link to CityRail technophobia should be:
      [Sydney Morning Herald]

    Although the google public transport option is a nice guide, its got some horrible, glaring, nonsensical errors - like instead of telling you cross the road and catch the bus from the stop opposite, it tells you to wait a few minutes, catch a bus 200m down the road, then cross, wait 23 minutes for the next bus, etc.

    Quite often, the times are horribly wrong for the exact spot that its telling you to go to... still, its nice to have the actual bus routes and *almost* time tables accessible by location, right in the palm of your hand if you have an iphone or Android device......

    Dammit Sydney. I love having Google Transit on my iPhone while i'm in Adelaide, and I'd love it even more if I could use it when I travel.

    Translink that handle scheduling and ticketing for South-East QLD are a reasonable progressive organisation. More realistic chance of them implementing it then Cityrail/STA buses in sydney.

    If this means I never have to visit ACTION's piece of crap website again, I will be a happy man.

    Adelaidian: I've used this quite a bit - it does need a bit of fiddling sometimes but both the routes and times seem pretty good (pity the actual services are hardly ever on time).
    Great for discovering which bus to connect to and how long the trips will take.

    We need this in Brisbane. I'm looking at you Translink!

    As far as I can tell, this feature is not yet live. Any ideas?

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