Google Flu Trends Expanded To Australia

Google Flu Trends Expanded To Australia
flutrendsGoogle has expanded its Flu Trends tracker — which uses the number of queries related to flu to extrapolate how many people might actually have it — to Australia.

That approach might seem counter-intutive — after all, people are more likely to search for flu information if there’s, say, a media-induced panic over swine flu — but Google has mapped past query patterns against infection rates and says there’s a reasonable correlation. This doesn’t feel as useful as Google’s last Australia-specific set of tracking tools (for bushfires), but it’ll be interesting to see whether it maintains an accurate track over the next few weeks.

Google Flu Trends Australia


  • The swine in Australia, has become anecdotal in the sense that it shows us two important aspects. Firstly how, and how quickly any flu can spread and secondly how complacent Victorians appear to be in the face of political instruction. Like lambs to the slaughter.

    This weekend, AFL Round 11, an extensive spread of Social and sports venues will be the icing on the cake, however bitter-sweet.

    Hopefully, next week, I will stand corrected.

    Lance A Whyte
    Glenrowan, Victoria

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