Futz Puts Your To-Do List In Your Browser’s Address Bar

Futz Puts Your To-Do List In Your Browser’s Address Bar

One of the barriers to adopting a new tool in your workflow is ease of use. Futz lets you add tasks, reminders and more right from your browser’s address bar.

After you sign up for a an account with Futz you are given a URL with your username at the end, like http://futz.me/username/. From then out any time you want send anything to yourself you simply tack it onto the end of that URL and it will be forwarded to your email address. What can you send?

  • Simple Notes: http://futz.me/username order extra toner cartridges for fax machine
  • Links: http://futz.me/username http://lifehacker.com.au/
  • Pictures: http://futz.me/username http://superduperawesomewallpaperorama.com/230.jpg
  • Local File: http://futz.me/username file: (a drag and drop box will appear)

You can also mix the formats together including text, images, and URLs all together. You can even tack on a ” – tag ” at the end and that tag will be placed in the subject line of the message. This feature makes it easy to set up filters to grab your incoming tasks and reminders. Your Futz URL requires no login which is a bonus from a speed standpoint but a small negative from a security standpoint. If someone knows your Futz URL they can send messages directly to your account. While a minor concern, it is something to be aware of. If you have your own speedy way of getting information into your workflow share it in the comments below.

Futz.me [Webware]

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