Fixing Case Sensitivity Problems With Firefox Find

fixcasefindfirefox Lifehacker reader James was having trouble getting the Find feature in Firefox to work properly, but a simple modification fixed his problems. James writes:

When you hit Ctrl+F to bring up the Quickfind menu and start typing, by default it is case-sensitive. This is an incredibly bizarre feature for Mozilla to have enabled by default, eg searching the Lifehacker homepage for even "lifehacker" by default brings no results. To disable this feature navigate to about:config in the address bar and head to accessibility.typeaheadfind.casesensitive - ironically simply typing "case" in the filter bar does the trick. By default this is an integer set to 1, simply double click and change its value to 0 and you're on your way.

I'm not sure this is actually the default setting — on my copy of Firefox everything was already working fine, so it might be one of those weird extension-dependent things — but it's a useful hack if things are going wrong. Thanks James!


    Mine was already set to 0.

    mine was defaulted to 0

    Firefox 3.0.10 Windows here and my about:config tells me the default is 0, but it remembers whatever the last setting was. If you set the find tool to be case sensitive, it remains that way until you change it back. The config seems to mirror whatever the find bar shows in real time.

      Heck... even in the screenshot posted on this story is says the default is 0. I guess James enabled it and then never disabled it.

    I was frustrated by this very behavior today. Perhaps it's set by an extension, but it's not something I'd explicitly change to this, so super useful tip for me.

    I believe people who's setting is set to 0 have upgraded from previous versions of FF. I recently installed Win7 and did a clean install of FF 3.0.10 and it is set to 1, whereas on my Vista installation (which also had FF 3.0.10, but upgraded from previous installs) was set to 0.

    Thanks for the tip, though I'd already found it myself after trying to work out wtf my searches had suddenly turned so pedantic.

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