Fix Common PowerPoint Problems

powerpointnumbersWhat's the most commonly encountered issue with PowerPoint? Turns out it's not designing poor presentations or objects not lining up properly.

Microsoft's Office Online blog offers up answers to what it calls the "top PowerPoint questions" (though the source of its stats isn't specified): how to fix problems playing audio and video, how to add page numbers to a presentation, and how to remove speaker notes before distributing a presentation to others. All obvious stuff to a veteran user, but useful to know for PowerPoint newbies. For more PowerPoint hints, check out free tutorial decks for PowerPoint or learn shortcut keys for accurate placement.

Top 3 PowerPoint questions, and answers [Inside Office Online]


    Thanks for the shout-out, Angus. A colleague supplied me with the PowerPoint top three questions mostly based on anecdotal information he compiled from newsgroups and customer comments in our help-and-how-to articles. leslie

    Or, think about whether your purpose could be better served not using powerpoint:

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