Five Best Recipe Managers

Five Best Recipe Managers

Traditionally recipes were stored in a recipe box tucked in the cupboard, but times change and technology accelerates the process. Check out the interesting ways your fellow readers store their recipes.

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Paper (Binders, Notebooks, 3×5 Cards)

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AllRecipes (Web-Based, Basic Membership: Free/Supporting Membership: $US17.50/year)

SousChef (Mac, $US30)

Evernote (Windows/Mac/Mobile Platforms, Basic: Free / Premium: $US45/year)


Big Oven (Web-Based/Windows/Mobile Platforms, $US30)

Best Recipe Software at TopTenReviews

Have a strong opinion about how recipes should be organised? Shocked that people would share their recipes online? Insist on keeping your secret cookie recipes written in cuneiform? Sound off in the comments below with your recipe sharing or hoarding wisdom.


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