Five Best Free System Restore Tools

Five Best Free System Restore Tools

Backing up data is a great way to minimise losses after a computing catastrophe. But what about restoring your actual system right away? Here are the five most popular options for our readers. Photo by Robert Scoble.

Macrium Reflect Free (Windows, Free)

DriveImageXML (Windows, Free)

Paragon Drive Backup Free (Windows, Free)

ImageX (Windows, Free)

GImageXthis link

Clonezilla (Windows/Mac/Linux, Free)

This week’s Hive Five gets two honorable mentions. Many of you use Windows Home Server and Apple’s Time Machine, based on the composition of your respective home networks, to take care of your backup and system restoration needs. Both are excellent solutions, but failed to meet the “free” criteria—yet both are still worth considering in future-proofing your system against disaster.


  • Thanks for a great article!

    My choice came to Paragon’s new Backup & Recovery Free Edition because it has the widest range of backup & recovery options and seems to be the strongest at the moment. Amongst the free image backup software, I found Paragon the only one that can do differential backups; all others can only do full backups. And, also it is the only one that can create a bootable USB/flash drive.

  • I found the free vmware convertor too to be a good disk imaging system ( although physical to virtual disk ) giving the added advantage to check the backup immediately on a similar hardware ( identical motherboard type ) with the free vmware player. This can be considered as a secondary backup system and can be put to use immediately for various application testing purposes. ( Yeah, need to change the name / ip address to something unique on the network on the virtual machine ! )

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