Everyday Rewards Sets Qantas Frequent Flyer Rate

Everyday Rewards Sets Qantas Frequent Flyer Rate

It’s official: from June 22, you’ll be able to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points on your Everyday Rewards card.

There’s been much speculation about how the scheme would work, but Qantas is now emailing cardholders confirming the start date, that you’ll earn 1 point for every dollar over $30 in a single transaction, and that the deal only applies to Woolworths and Woolworths Liquor. As such, it’s an expensive standalone way to get a flight, but a useful way to supplement your points total.


  • Before you merrily sign up for a Woolworths Everyday Rewards card, take note of the fine print that says they are entitled to sell your marketing information to 3rd parties.

    If they were offering a Frequent Flyer point for every dollar, maybe I’d consider selling myself like that — but only for a point for each dollar above $30 — forget it.

    • JJJ – from the Everyday Rewards customer charter, off their site:
      “We do not give your personal information to any organisation outside the Woolworths Group for their marketing purposes. We will share some of your personal details with other organisations that help us administer the Everyday Rewards Program, for example our printing and mail house. These organisations are required to protect your information and privacy in the same way Woolworths does – and we check that they do.”

      No third party use there?

  • Question: what’s the big deal if someone like Woolies knows about my demographic data, shopping habits, etc (outside of maybe the aforementioned “pesky” telemarketting phone calls)?

    Obviously, I draw the line on financial information, but I don’t really care if companies know I’m a 36 y/o male who likes to eat Wheatbix.

  • I just linked the two cards. Dead easy.

    As for the conditions? I doubt that I’m really making any more information available for linking than I already have by taking up the WWth card in the first place. Yes, the reward conditions are a bit tight – but every little bit helps when you’ve got a family travelling, and the very existence of that family will probably mean that most of our shopping adventures cost WAY more than $30!

  • I have tried to register to the point of getting a new password sent and it is still declared wrong, I find this useless, I always shop at Woolies but don’t see any benifit.Why do they make it so hard to register for frequent flyer points.

    Bette W A

  • Have been trying for 3 days to register for Qantas Frequent Flyer points.
    Very frustrating and disappointing. Hopefully this can be resolved and I can still register after 21 June.

    • Hi Christine, linking Everyday Rewards cards is purely to share fuel vouchers and this does not extend to Qantas. Each person will be treated as an individual by Qantas and will need their own Qantas membership to collect points. You will only be able to collect Qantas points against the
      spend on your card and not the linked cards.
      Your husband will be able to link/register his Everyday Rewards card with Qantas (for
      free) and collect points if he does his own shopping in Woolworths/Safeway.
      If you have any further questions please feel free to visit the Everyday Rewards blog http://bit.ly/15lLzm (Full disclosure: I work with Woolworths on this Blog! Thanks, Sue)

  • Hi, i work at the Qantas frequent flyer service centre and honestly, this deal is the BIGGEST JOKE!
    Its the worst partnership deal we have! thwe only reason woolies wants to do this is to force people to spend more than $30 each time they go.
    Going about it this way you may be eligible for a flight in the year 2025!
    PROS: If you havent already joined the FF Program, use this as you get to join for free waivering the 82.50 fee.
    The whole FF program is totally useless unless you have alot of money going through your credit cards or fly alot. People are so dumb. They pay for these special Qantas Credits cards( anz etc) and enver realise the annual fees they pay virtually pay for any reward the average person could get in a year!
    Your all suckers !
    There is no such thing as nothing for nothing !

  • I have tried numerous times to join and keep getting the merry-go-round of unable to process, try again later, warning of unsecured site etc. Will try once more, then it’s not worth the effort!

  • I have tried many times to register for Qantas FF
    however, each time my registered name or password is
    rejected. I was given a Qantas everyday card flyer
    at Woolworths, yesterday. Please help!!

  • I would like to say how disapointed I am that Tasmania has been left out of this offer. Its interesting that we have Woolworths here in Tassy but now find out that we are not considered important enough to be included in the Qantas FF program. WHY WHY WHY – I wont be shopping with woolworths anymore

  • Qantas is perhaps the only remaining airline in the that does not already offer a free frequent flyer programme.

    Furthermore Qantas are a dreadful carrier. Compaired to many other carriers with fresh young staff, aircraft and world class service, Qantas is third world.

    Do try other carries such a Singapore you will then discover how awfful Qantas really is. Often paying more for far less.

  • My card always it locked ,forgot my pass word and every time i tried to access it my card says it locked how do i unlock it.getting frustated as i spend a lot of money at woolworths and if this thing not fixed up will not shop a woolworths.
    I am registerd as I get emails from this site all the time. hoping to sign in frequent flyers with all this triuble is it worth it.
    Please fix it ok. Trish Lengkeek

  • I also was having trouble registering on line for the QFFP so i rang the 1300101234 number on the back of the everyday rewards card.When i rang i was told it might take a fair while to be spoken to but after only waiting about 3 or 4 mins i was connected and was registered in a short time so maybe try this too good luck

    • Hi there, anybody having trouble linking their Everyday rewards card to QFF should call the Customer service number 1300 10 1234, they can also unlock your account for you.. 🙂

      • Hello Rose when you first got your everday rewards card and sign up to it there is a box that you tick
        that ask you if you want too link your everday rewards account too QFF

  • Dear Sir/Madam
    Could some one please advise me why I can get 4c per ltre for diesel on the everyday reward card but have been refussed on the same card with the 20c per ltre for diesel.

  • I have been buying my beer at a woolworths outlet and been expecting to get 12cent a litre off my petrol spending the amount required to receive it but all i get is 4cents i ticked the box for the discount so can you please tell me this is not happening.
    regards fay

  • Hi

    Does anyone have a direct e-mail or phone number to Everyday Rewards as I seem to have been dropped off their e-mail for over eight weeks and would like to get in contact with someone.
    The website e-mail is useless, all you get is a generated e-mail.
    Hope someone can hels

  • I keep trying to register on line but always it comes back that either user name is wrong or password— why is this ? I registered years ago but? other supermarkets are my preference at the moment————

  • im trying to figure out how to check my points balance but i cant figure out how to do it do any of you know a website i can go onto, to see my points balance…?? :/ so confused!!!!

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