Everyday Rewards Offers Free Qantas Frequent Flyer Membership

woolqant Woolworths' partnership with Qantas announced last year has borne its first fruit, with the supermarket rewards scheme offering free membership to Qantas' Frequent Flyer scheme.

Everyday Rewards is free anyway, but not paying to join Qantas' scheme will save you $82.50. Getting direct points for grocery shopping doesn't seem to have been finalised yet (though you can enter your details for when that does kick off), but this is still a potentially handy saving. To make the best use of those points once you've got them, check our guide to making the most from Frequent Flyer.

Everyday Rewards [via OzBargain]


    This program starts being trialed on the staff discount cards on the first and is expected to be released to customers end of june begining of july

    The title of this article is extremely misleading. The Qantas Club is a lounge membership provided to Gold and above Frequent Flyers and also to individuals who choose to pay the fee (either through corporate channels or directly). This membership is separate to Frequent Flyer.

    The correct title would be "Everyday Rewards Offers Free Qantas Frequent Flyer Membership"

      Yes, you're right . . . clearly I'm suffering delayed jetlag. Will fix.

    So do you have to lug around yet another card (Everyday Rewards card) or do you A) use your credit card that already ties into the Qantas FF program or B) use your Qantas FF card?

      You can enter your FF number into Everyday Rewards online, so you'd just use the ER when shopping. Main use of the physical Qantas FF card in practice is if you check in using a kiosk. But in broad terms, no, one doesn't replace the other -- they just work together if you want to earn a few extra points.

    Has there been any info on how many points will be earnt per spend via ER cards yet??? I've registered, just curious!?!?!? I guess anything is a bonus really!

    i would like to register my card online for
    woolworth -qantas frequent flyer points, but HOW doyou do it??
    regards hubert stadler

    I have tried numerous times to register for frequent flyer but everytime I fail. I am an older lady with minimul computer skills. PLEASE HELP ME.

    I'm interested to know if there is a yearly memebership to pay AFTER I have joined Qantas FF for free thro' Woolies, and saved $82.50 ? Anyone know ?

      No additional fees -- once you've joined, your membership stays active provided there's a minimum amount of flight/points activity (which details I can't recall off the top of my head!)

    Hi, does this offer of free membership of Qantas Frequent Flyers, still apply? Thanks.

      I checked the everydayrewards.com.au site today, 14th January 2010, for my son and the offer still applies.

    Sorry but how are you supposed to cancel your qantas frequent flyer membership card? I don't know how to do it! i need to know ASAP

    like everyone else it seems, how DO you register???????????? There doesn't seem to be any point posting comments as you don't appear to answer them!

      OK, looks like I found the solution to joining. I went to www.everydayrewards.com.au which seemed to be the correct place, but the web site wouldn't let me complete my application as the site was having problems, so I guess I will try again later.

    i do not want to be part of the woolworths card system but i dont know how to delete same

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