Dress Up Your Ties With The "Merovingian Knot"

The realm of dress tie knots is dominated by a handful of traditional tie knots. Check out this rather unique tie knot and be the first on your block to sport it.

If you're a very sharp-eyed fan of the Matrix movie trilogy, you'll recognise the knot captured below as a rare specimen sported by "The Merovingian". The knot itself didn't originate with the movie, and isn't rightfully named "The Merovingian Knot" but the Ediety Knot. Still, it's nearly impossible to find any reference to it independent of the movie, so let's just keep the Wachowski-an etymology for now. As Henry notes during his demonstration in the video below, it'll get big raves from Matrix obsessives, but everyone else will at least admire your fancy "French knot".

Whether you're dying to try it out, or think you'll be sticking with the Windsor knot, tell us your impressions (or other tie knot recommendations) in the comments. Thanks wolfz0rz!

The Ediety Knot [YouTube]


    Does anyone have a list of other interesting tie knots and pictures of what they look like when they are done?

    Gonna try that one out tomorrow - with all the steps though i'll prolly be late because of it :P

    I actually know the inventer of this knot, Ediety. He lives in Melbourne and is one top guy.
    Nothing to add really, just bragging :)

      Whoa, Sutter, that is so weird -- I was totally going to send this link to you and ask if it had anything to do with Ediety.

    It just looks like he tied it backwards and is showing the rear of the knot.

    Although i was joking at the time i did end up being late due to trying this. The worst part is that i didn't get it to work, i think the problem was that my tie wasn't wide enough - but after following the steps i couldn't work out how to tie a normal knot (and i wear a tie almost daily!)..

    I've also seen this knot called the "Atlantic Knot"


    I feel like wearing ties just to do that knot :D

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