Complain About Products To Get Free Stuff

Complain About Products To Get Free Stuff

Aussie Meat Pie and Sauce
Quite aside from the fact that companies are never going to improve their products and services if you let them get away with shoddy behaviour, there’s a much more selfish reason to complain: you’ll likely score a few free samples.

Blogger Jeb outlines several local instances of where his complaining has resulted not just in the original problem being resolved, but an offer of free goods as restitution. This one’s particularly appealing:

During a recent carbohydrates binge, Adam and I bought some Mrs. Mac’s pies only to discover they’d completely disintegrated in the packaging (think Mark Holden’s face with too much plastic surgery and you get an idea of the appearance). I took a quick photo and emailed it off to the manufacturer. Shortly afterwards, they phoned me wanting to deliver an entire box of replacement pies as an apology. Laughing, I had to decline, but how could I continue to be irked about the original problem?

Hit the post (which has a couple of almost-NSFW phrases) for more examples. As ever, maintaining a civil tone is likely to get you further than screaming down the phone like a deranged shock jock. If you’ve got your own neat example of a company offering up goodies after a complaint, share it in the comments.

Five Examples of Why You Should Complain to Companies About Bad Products [World Wide Jeb]


  • I’m a big complainer if I have an issue with something.. The best I’ve gotten was a huge box of various products from Sunraysia (this one wasn’t really even a complaint – Some sultanas were really gritty and had something that looked like glass – I made it clear that it wasn’t glass and just looked like glass)
    Worst was Four n’ Twenty. I’d gotten extremely bad food poisoning from one of their jumbo sausage rolls. Ended up hurting myself quite badly as I passed out on my way to the loo to dry heave, yet again on the second day I’d had to take off work because of it. I called them to complain, telling them that I’d kept the rest of the box etc.. They sent me a $5 voucher for Coles, a tiny pad of branded PostIts and a pen.
    I haven’t bought anything Four n’ Twenty since.

  • After complaining on-board a Qantas flight that I hadn’t been able to upgrade my flight (paying for it not a freebie) because business class was full but was empty when the flight took off. I received a box of 4 bottles of wine and cheeses by parcel post a few days later. Apparently the girl on the qantas check in thought it would be too hard to re-issue a boarding pass so just told me there was no seats available. Lazy cow.

  • Years ago my little brother was disappointed when he didn’t get a tazo (the little plastic disc things) in his packet of chips. After mum rang the company to complain they sent him by post over 50 tazo’s.

    In his mind it was worth it for one chip packet.

  • I once bought a packet of paperclips & noticed that one of the paperclips was bent slightly out of shape. I complained and received 2 free packets of paperclips. I wrote a poem about this day, if anyone would like to hear it.

  • I once gave it to a Qantas customer service rep at Sydney Airport because they were going to charge me big $$ for trying to get on an earlier flight. I knew it was Qantas policy to charge, but I was still having a go because the logic behind it was so backwards. Anyways, I wrote in to Qantas to complain about the rep’s attitude and they mailed me back 2x $40 airport gift vouchers.

  • Mostly tongue-in-cheek, I took an Australian cookie company to task back in 2005 over their packaging claim that their “jam packed white choc-chip cookie” actually had no jam in it at all. They acknowledged my letter in good humour and sent me several packets of every cookie product they produced (came in a large box – kids were thrilled). A few months later I came across the same cookie served up as a Qantas in-flight refreshment with the “jam-packed” claim removed from the packet. See, feedback does work!

  • I emailed Wrigleys chewing gum about some Extra’s wrapping which had a picture of a charecterised chewing gum man on it as opposed to the traditional tiling of the words “WRIGLEYS”

    I wanted to know what the hell the GUM-MAN was, and they said he was merely a prototype to test new packaging materials.

    I replied in a smart ass tone asking who drew him, and if he knew that I was offended.

    They simply replied, “Thankyou for your opinion”

  • i’ve been doing this for years and years. Sanitarium are a good one, complain about any product and you’ll get a gift box of mixed whatevers.

  • Grain Waves from Smith’s… bought one without enough flavouring, sent a feedback through their website and low and behold, a letter about why that packet could possibly have less flavouring and a cheque reimbursing the cost of the chips (apparently the cheque costs more that the value amount!)

  • oh, and one more… TDK floppy disks (yeh THOSE things), bought a pack of 10, one was faulty, called up and complained, few days down the track, a free box of 50!!!

  • Ive complained on a few occasions about gizmodo/lifehackers refresh code that interferes with the readers, er.. reading of an article.
    Their response, their advertising people want it.
    Guess this is one of those cases where feedback doesnt count, strange when the site dies without readers.

  • I bought a packet of grain wave chips and it was a ripoff because you pay for a packet and theres only half a packet of chips there. I was hoping for more and i wasnt happy

  • Oh, These’re nothing! Ain’t I so damn cool! I called Dell once as a prank call. I meant just to be a little shit, never expecting anything in return. I started faking like I was crying, and told them how I’d always wanted an up to date computer but couldn’t afford it. I said it was my BD. (of course it wasn’t…) I said I had no friends, and no one seemed to care it was my BD, I was lonely, and sad. Then I asked if they could send me a pc for free. The rep nearly dropped her headset in total laughter. I think they knew it was a joke. A week later, wo baby! here’s a big fedex box at my door! WTF? Oh wait, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… shit! My computer! I was like: No pinche mames!

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