Cityrail Redesigns Web Site

cityrail Sydney's Cityrail still might be resisting the idea of useful portable applications and not yet on Google Maps, but a redesign of its site has made it easier to get to travel information.

The big-picture changes are live links to service updates (a design which seems to have been copied from the similar site for London Transport), a front-page timetable search that incorporates the Sydney-wide 131500 service and the ability to download PDF copies of major timetables. The big challenge will be if the information is kept up-to-date — I took a recent trip where a train was delayed by 45 minutes and eventually we were all forced to change to a different train, none of which apparently counted as a service disruption according to the (old) site.




    And a Fare Calculator, too! Is it real, or is it all just a dream? A sweet, sweet dream..?

      The fare calculator is actually a carry-over from the old site -- but it is a lot easier to locate on the new one.

        Indeed it is - I've even used it before! D'oh!

        I got a little over exited at the new site. The fare calculator I'm missing is the one for busways buses.

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