Catfish Searches Your Linux Desktop

Catfish Searches Your Linux Desktop

Linux only: Desktop search utility Catfish searches through your Linux desktop using the search engines already at your disposal—instead of installing yet another processor-intensive indexing engine.

If you aren’t in the mood to drop to a terminal prompt and use the find command every time you want to look for a file, Catfish handles your searches in a functional GUI interface and allows you to choose which underlying search technology to use—if you have Beagle installed it can take advantage of the speedier engine, otherwise it can use the find or locate tools to power the search.

To install Catfish for yourself, open up your favourite package manager and add the catfish package, or drop to a terminal and use the simple sudo apt-get install catfish command to install it.

For more Linux search techniques, learn how to disable the tracker search engine in Ubuntu, Windows users can check out the powerful Everything search tool, part of the Lifehacker Pack for 2009.

Let Catfish Search for Your Files [gHacks]


  • Unfortunately Catfish v.0.3.2 does not recognize tracker on my Ubuntu 9.0.4. Tracker-utils are installed and tracker itself works with its primitive inflexible *foo* AND *bar* seach, but it is not possible to even set the path to start from in that oversimplified tracker GUI.

    Is there a working indexing solution for Linux which comes anywhere near Copernic?

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