Build Your Own Spider Catcher

Odds are that right now, at least one spider is sharing your home with you. And while we appreciate their insect reduction skills, we'd still prefer they stay outdoors. The DIY spider catcher can help get them there safely.

To build one, you'll need a rod or piece of PVC pipe, some superglue, a piece of string, a paper clip, and—perhaps the most elusive requirement of the bunch—an empty cassette tape case that can open and close easily. To avoid harming the spider, we suggest positioning the open case near it with the rod's help, then let the creature come to you. The project is a clever alternative to your more basic paper towel and cup approach.

Check out the full post below for a step-by-step guide, including pictures, on how to build the catcher. If you have other spider-friendly trapping methods, we'd love to hear them.

The Amazing Spider Catcher [via Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories]


    Nice, but you wouldn't fit a large Huntsman spider in that thing. Maybe you could use a VHS tape case instead, but that still might not be enough, apparently Huntsman spiders can grow to 30cm across (according to Wikipedia -

    Already got a Spider Catcher made by Blundstone. Sure it flattens the bastards a little, but they're much easier to catch that way.

    Alternatively I've been told to use lemon oil as a spider deterrent.

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