Bing Maps Birds Eye View Gives Different Perspective

bingbirdseye The limited search capabilities on Bing Maps, Microsoft's web map system, might make it look like a poor cousin to Google, but it does have one interesting feature the Big G lacks — a bird's-eye view of selected Australian cities.

Google's similar-but-different Street View has a much wider range of coverage, but the angled view offered by the 'Bird's eye' option in Bing does make the overall layout of some city areas much clearer. Currently, there are bird's eye maps for central Sydney and Melbourne, Geelong, Hobart, Wollongong and the Gold Coast; Microsoft says additional maps will be added later this year.

Bing Maps


    Urrrmmmm windows live maps has had this for ages... just been rebranded now... but yeah its awesome :)

    wow.. microsoft are getting even better with they're product naming. First the Zune, now Bing?!

    Are they permanently on crack over there? No wonder they're losing the market strangle hold.

      actually like the name 'zune', but yeah - bing is a little off as a name... but the service is pretty cool.

    Well, Google Earth has had a feeling of a fun fly-by for ages now...but this is certainly cool, to say the least. The name is so horribly worse than Zune, though.

    See that guy in the tree with the camera? That's Bing. Chandler Bing. Taking a photo of your house. Put some clothes on, please.

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