Before And After: The Benefits Of Basic Tidying, Cable Management

Not every workplace makeover needs to involve a spending spree at Ikea and more LEDs than a flight control panel. Today's featured workspace just needed a little tidying and cable control.

It doesn't float, spin, flash, or appear to contain glowing alien spore but today's featured workspace gets the job done in a very practical and tidy way. Lifehacker reader Dani Cela just needed to tame the mess of cables at his feet and tidy up. He attached a cable basket under his desk. The small space under his left hand side of his desk proved to be perfect for a shallow recycling bin, further cutting down on the things around his feet and legs. After the tidying and cable re-routing he's left with a functional workspace with all his essentials at hand.

The Tidied Office:Before & After [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    As far as i can tell the biggest impact on how tidy the desk looks 'after' is the light - less light shining under the desk means it's harder to see cables.....i might try that, lights off and clutter gone!

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