Are Standard Mobile Phones Too Complicated?

Are Standard Mobile Phones Too Complicated?

If you’re shopping for a smartphone, you want the best features you can get. But a new study suggests that many standard mobile phone users are annoyed by unimportant add-ons. What do you want out of your basic cellphone?

To get specific, a mobile phone recycling company surveyed phone users, finding that 61 percent find too many unnecessary features on their phones, 45 percent never use their phones’ MP3 players, and 30 percent don’t care at all about their camera quality (for which, at a common 1.3 or 2.0 megapixels with micro-sensors, we can’t really blame them).

If you’ve got a standard, subsidised phone that doesn’t do full web browsing or geo-location or any of the other marquee features, what do you want your phone to be able to do? What “features” and “free services” irritate rather than enable you? Tell us how you’d redesign your voice and text machines in the comments.

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  • My previous phone made & received calls, sent & received SMS and had a battery that lasted a week, but even that could’ve done with some real re-working on interface design. It still had about eight buttons besides the dial pad.

    My new phone does everything (mp3, bluetooth, wireless internet, camera with flash, video, email and even a ‘flash player’) and has 16 buttons outside the dial pad.

    I miss my old phone.

    “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” – A. Einstein

    • i find it interesting that you prefer to have less buttons, i actually prefer more. I moved from a nokia e series handset which had a dedicated text, calendar, contact, video call, etc… button all up it had 8 buttons + 4 way dpad with centre click, volume control, camera and power button.

      Now i use a nokia navigator series, it has less buttons which means features are generally harder to get to.

      I even found getting my parents using it was easier, press this for messages, press and hold it to write a new message ….

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