Windows 7’s Price May Be A Barrier For Adoption

Windows 7’s Price May Be A Barrier For Adoption

Windows 7’s inflated prices may still be a stumbling block for adoption once the new operating system is officially released this holiday season, according to a CNET interview with an executive at computer manufacturer Dell. We still haven’t heard any definitive pricing for Windows 7 yet, and even though the CNET article points to prices that “are higher than they were for Vista and XP,” we just can’t imagine Microsoft would be so bold—both in this economy and after the mostly negative response to Vista. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. [CNET]


  • More people are just going to pirate this or move to linux releases. Especially as ubuntu and other distros become more mainstream. If its not on MSDNAA then I’ll probably just go ubuntu.

    • You think you are charged too much, in Australia we are paying close to $200 more on some version, where I get snow leopard for $10 more than I would pay in the US.
      Just proves that Microsoft don’t give a dam about the Australian Market, They keep it up a lot of people will start moving to Apple or Ubuntu (or some other version of linux) see what happens,and see if this message stays up.

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