What’s New In The Windows 7 Release Candidate

What’s New In The Windows 7 Release Candidate

Windows 7’s Release Candidate is free and available for download, but what’s all that different from the beta version? Quite a bit, it turns out.

Regular readers will know we’ve been covering Windows 7 for quite a while, but a few changes have still popped up. Here’s the key stuff to watch for.

Virtual XP, a.k.a. XP Mode

somewhat lamented

Media Streaming


The Other Stuff

For the rest of the changes, we’re going to let Microsoft speak for itself on all the little changes to Windows 7 Release Candidate. This helpful video shows off a lot of the new interface, menu, design, and operation tweaks that have gone into the RC since the beta was first launched:

Now that you’ve had a chance to look around and test things out, what do you think of Windows 7 Release Candidate’s looks, feel, and, well, chances at changing Vista-soured minds? Tell us your impressions in the comments.


  • @versatileninja

    for a virtual machine to muck around with that should be fine. If you want to use it as one of your main operating systems, I’d use 30gb min.

  • Just completed upgrade of Vista to 7RC… Preliminaries look great. All but one app works.

    Completed PC Mark Vantage on Vista before upgrade, and on 7 post upgrade.

    Vista = ~2700 PC Marks
    7= ~3300 PC Marks.

    On the same hardware, thats ~25% performance gain!

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