Weekly Envelope Helps Plan Your Budget

weeklyenvelopeNot sure where all the money goes? Online application Weekly Envelope can help you manage your finances.

As the name suggests, this is essentially an online adaptation of the notion of dividing your available cash into envelopes for budget planning, a notion we've explored around here a few times before in different guises. Once you've entered that data, you can set goals and track where your money is actually going.

Weekly Envelope doesn't eliminate the need to sit down and input your core expenses and details, which is often the most painful part of getting started with money management. Unlike online applications like ANZ Money Manager, it also doesn't automatically import data from online accounts, which makes it less convenient (but might appeal if you're paranoid about online security). The emphasis on regular income and regular expenses also means it's not ideal for contractors, freelancers or other irregular workers, but it's certainly friendlier than grappling with a blank spreadsheet. Weekly Envelope is free to use, requires registration.

Weekly Envelope


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