Vodafone Promises Visual Voicemail Will Be Working By Friday

Vodafone Promises Visual Voicemail Will Be Working By Friday

Vodafone’s rollout of visual voicemail for iPhones hasn’t exactly gone smoothly, but the company maintains everything will be working by Friday.

We reported on the visual voicemail rollout earlier today, but several commenters have noted that it wasn’t working for them and that call centre staff either had no clue or said it could be a week or more before the service was working. When Lifehacker contacted Vodafone for comment, we were told that the launch had been bought forward, but that anyone who had up-to-date software would be seeing the service by Friday.

How seriously those claims can be taken is a matter of contention. Vodafone’s official line and what customers actually get told often diverges widely — most notably in the case of how its iPhone data plans work, a textbook example of corporate BS — so for now all current iPhone customers can do is wait and hope.


  • LOL – just fuming a little about this yesterday when I read about it – now just as I read this updated post I get a text from Vodafone letting me know that the service is coming. But still not working yet – I’ll just keep holding on…

    I just really want this toy to work – it was a major selling point for me to use this as my work mobile – now it’s finally here it’s going to save me a LOT of time (get a few voicemails a day).

    Having said all this, really happy with Vodafone as a provider, both here and in NZ they’ve been wonderful with both customer service and with keeping up with the latest tech goodies.

  • Woke up this morning to find visual voicemail up and running on os 2.2.1 🙂 looks like its been pushed out OTA, and once you get the confirmation sms it should be working.

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