Vodafone Adds Visual Voicemail To iPhone

Vodafone Adds Visual Voicemail To iPhone

When the iPhone first was announced, “visual voicemail” was a key selling feature, but when it eventually reached Australia, not a single operator implemented the feature. Now Vodafone has belatedly added the option to its iPhone bundle.

Vodafone iPhone users need to ensure they’re running the latest iPhone software for visual voicemail to work, but after that it’s pretty self-explanatory. The idea of visual voicemail is that you can see details of each voicemail message independently (including who left it if caller detection is working), and listen to them in any order.

One restriction: this only works in areas with decent data coverage; if you end up in an area where GPRS isn’t working (it happens), you’ll revert to normal voicemail. It’ll be interesting to see if other local providers follow Vodafone’s lead. Thanks Homer!

Vodafone Visual Voicemail


    • Vodafone are now saying that by launching it yesterday, they actually meant at some point over the next week. Heaps of people don’t have it and there’s been technical screwups with the rollout by looks – the call center staff have no idea what’s going on (most have no idea what VVM is). Voda advised me this afternoon that it should be fixed for all those that don’t have it within about a week.

  • Have the Iphone with Vodafone and today received two visual voicemails, so easy to operate and great that u dont have that sometimes annoying callback every few minutes to advise of a new voice message.

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