Vista Service Pack 2 Due Within Weeks

Windows 7 may well be getting most of the attention around here, but Microsoft is still beavering away on trying to turn Vista into a product that works with the imminent release of Service Pack 2.

We've been tracking Vista SP2 for a while and looked at its main features, but for everyone who didn't fancy messing with a release candidate, the final version is about to hit. The Microsoft Update blog reports that SP2 will be available "in the coming weeks" via Windows Update and direct download. (I just hope it doesn't appear while I'm on the road).

Get ready for Vista and Win2k8 SP2! [Microsoft Update Product Team Blog]


    You're kidding, right?

    SP2 came via windows update to my vista machine several weeks ago.

    Yes, specifically "Windows Vista Service Pack 2". Not Office SP2 or anything else.

    Upon checking my OS version, it too claims to be vista SP2, not to mention Win7 has VSP2 compatibility mode as well.

    Yeah, me too, got this Weeks ago as a standard update (the win7 RC is still tons better)

    How did you guys get SP2 via Windows Update already? I'm using Home Premium and I still haven't gotten it. I got Office SP2 a couple of weeks ago, but no Vista SP2.

    The reason you had SP2 weeks ago is because it was released to OEM some time ago. They felt it was better to do it this way than people just upgrading to SP2 and not ending up buying 7.

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