Use Twitter To Save Money

Use Twitter To Save Money
Here’s yet another reason for the Twitter-reluctant to give the social networking/micro-blogging service a try: it can be a way to save money and organise your finances.

At Dynamic Business, Online Banking Review editor Charis Palmer runs down seven ways you can use Twitter to help save money. Some of the suggestions are obvious (follow bargain sites and financial news), but we especially like the notion of using Twitter to shame your finance provider into providing better service:

As Twitter is relatively new, banks are still working out how to serve customers using it, but those that are using it seem to be responding very quickly to customer issues and proactively reaching out to disgruntled customers.

Hit the link for the full list. If you’ve got your own finance-centric Twitter follow recommendation, we’re keen to hear it in the comments.

7 tips to save money using Twitter [Dynamic Business]


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