Use A Leftovers Log To Safeguard Your Stomach

Not everyone likes to play fast and loose with their gastrointestinal well being. Keep "Oooh! Chinese!" from turning into "Oh my God why, Chinese!" with a leftovers log.

At the household tips blog Re-Nest they have a simple but effective log file available as a PDF for both your fridge and freezer. Write down the food, the date you put it in the fridge, and a reminder to eat it. Whether it's time to eat or clean out your fridge you'll have a clear guide to what needs to get the boot or take a trip to the microwave. Have a trick of your own for keeping your leftovers from taking over your fridge and catching you with a salmonella sneak attack? Sound off in the comments below.

Leftovers Log [Re-Nest]


    I thought this was my own original idea since I have never met anybody that keeps a fridge log! Thank you for sharing your file. I always forget about left overs and end up throwing away a lot of food (in this economy?!! No way!)

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