TweetMyPC Uses Twitter To Remote Control Your PC

Windows only: We've shown you how to shut down your <a href=" and Mac with a text message, now you can control your PC from afar using a Twitter account.

TweetMyPC uses the Twitter network network to relay command messages to your PC. You install the tiny application, give it the credentials of a Twitter account you've set up for the purpose, and from there it checks the feed of the control account every minute. Anytime the feed account Twitters the following commands: Shutdown, Restart, or Logoff, then TweetMyPC performs the following command on your computer. TweetMyPC is freeware, Windows only and requires .NET 3.5 or higher. TweetMyPC [via gHacks]


    Hi all

    I initially had issues getting this to work as I am running Windows Vista.. but found a way to get it running.

    I have done up a guide that may be of use - Remote Control your PC with Twitter

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