Travellr Hunts Answers To Your Travel Questions

travellrGot a travel question that has your favourite search engine stumped? Webapp Travellr might help find the answer using a familiar tactic: seeking input from other travellers.

The Aussie-developed site has just finished its closed beta and expanded availability after its official launch at CEBIT Australia this week. The notion of hunting down travel advice from the Net community isn't a new one, but the beta version of Travellr brings some Web 2.0 design smarts to the table (terrible name aside), showing how frequently contributors have contributed questions and answers and letting you enter your own travel history.

Given the small size of the beta community — there were less than 400 questions on hand when I dropped by — the information is a little thin in places, and it would be nice to see more integration with other sites (though Google Maps is used well for showing individual travel histories) and a better search facility. However, there is a nice feature to let you add particular locations as an RSS feed, which could be handy for long-range trip planning.



    Just checked this site out and the data seems really up to date, which is rare on these sort of sites. Check it out( i recon its a great name too!)

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