Transferr Organises Bookmarks In A Chrome-Like Display

Transferr Organises Bookmarks In A Chrome-Like Display
transferrTransferr adds a visual twist to the familiar concept of a bookmark-centric start page, offering your most-used sites in a grid-based icon display.

The locally-developed app is pretty self-explanatory: add your favourite bookmarks (manually, through an import of existing bookmarks, or via a bookmarklet) and then drag and drop them into whatever order suits you best. Each site has an icon on display, which you can customise for colour and title; the look is somewhat reminiscent of Google Chrome’s most-visited sites feature.

You can optionally specify areas of interest and Transferr will automatically add suggested bookmarks when you sign up, though these are rather US-centric in scope and it’s a bit of a pain to remove them. You can also set up multiple tabs for easy bookmarking sorting.

Generating icons for new bookmarks is a tad unpredictable (as the partial screen grab shows), but Transferr is a straightforward application and could be ideal for less tech-centric friends who don’t want the management overhead of an option like iGoogle. Transferr is free to use, requires registration. For other useful start page options, check out our five best start pages.



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