TrafficHawk Shows Sydney Traffic Trouble Spots

traffichawk Want to avoid accidents and incidents on your journey home? Free site TrafficHawk offers useful information if you're a Sydney driver.

TrafficHawk draws information from RTA cameras and information feeds to provide an updated list of potential traffic problems around the Sydney area, neatly plotted via Google Maps. You can also click on traffic cameras to check a recent live view. That's probably more detail than you can sensibly process once you're in the car, but it could be very handy to check just before you hit the road.

For a more comprehensive (but not free) traffic service for your GPS, check out previously mentioned Suna. If you've got another favourite Australian source of traffic info online, share it in the comments. Thanks Marcus!



    What about Brisbane and the rest of the cities?

      Oh, there's clearly room for expansion -- TrafficHawk were quite clear about being a limited project. Be nice if this was all done from state road authority web sites, but hard to imagine the budget being offered.

    even better are various Twitter feeds that update traffic - @prangz and @sydneytraffic and @sydtraffic_nth

    I've seen the SUNA service working on a Garmin and a Tom Tom in Sydney and it's pretty good. Great way to get around backed up traffic and accidents while you're already in the car.

    While it doesn't show accidents, Trapster is a good addition to any iPhone/Blackberry/Nokia-GPS'd user. My writeup is at and the Trapster site is at

    I also agree that the Sydney RTA Twitter feeds are AWESOME at up-to-the-minute updates for traffic. @sydneytraffic.


    I had a demo of the Snarl service ( a little while ago, and I last heard it would be released at the end of May (it's inaccessible at the moment) but it was pretty good when I checked it out.

    (Traffic)Hawk down! (no pun intended) Does anyone know what's going on? Whenever I try to access the site it only comes up with "It works!"

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