Tormato Stabilises And Feeds Your Tomato Plants

Tormato Stabilises And Feeds Your Tomato Plants

Why limit yourself to ugly and utilitarian tomato cages? The homemade Tormato is tomato cage that both looks cool and delivers the nutrients your little red globes need.

Lifehacker reader Laura was tired of flimsy tomato cages. She set out to build a sturdier tomato cage with built-in irrigation. By using a combination of rigid PVC pipe and flexible PEX water tubing she crafted spiral support cages for her tomatoes.

In addition to drilling holes for threading the PEX tubing, she drilled holes at the bottom of the PVC pipe. When the pipe is sunk into the soill, pouring water down the PVC pipe with your watering can sends it right down to the roots. For more pictures and details, check out the link below. For another tomato growing trick check out how to turn a storage container into a self-watering tomato planter.



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