Top 10 Cheap But Great Cardboard Creations

Top 10 Cheap But Great Cardboard Creations

Kids can turn a cardboard box into nearly anything. So can adults, actually, and they’ve got better, sharper tools to make them. Here are 10 projects that use cardboard for inexpensive but reliable DIY creations.

To get the ball rolling on any of these projects, you’ll need cardboard. If you’ve just moved, know somebody who just moved, or run a liquor store, you’ve probably got no problem finding cardboard. Otherwise, big-box stores, especially those that sell appliances or electronics, are likely to have some boxes they’d be happy to pull off their recycling loads for you.

10. Kids’ construction set

Photo by cambodia4kidsorg.

9. “Stealthy” camera/gadget bag

making a stealth camera bag

8. Solar-powered oven

DIY solar ovenPhoto by thescarletmanuka.

7. Kitty chaise lounge or scratching pad

making a cardboard cat chaise loungerecycled cardboard kitty pad

6. Minimalist laptop case

cheap, minimalist laptop case

5. Sturdy laptop stand

DIY laptop standDIY cardboard laptop stand

4. Tangle-free cord containers

use them as cord holders

3. Phone dock

cardboard iPhone dock

2. Adult Lego projects with Bloxes

Bloxes cardboard modular building blocks

1. Starter macro photography kit

$10 macro photo studiobellows lens crafted from a Pringles can

These kind of projects make us almost wish we were moving again, just to get our hands on a whole bunch of cardboard. If you had a sturdy cardboard sheet and some spare time, what would you make with it? Point us to the project you’ve had on the back burner for a long time, or share your original ideas, in the comments.


  • I would welcome ideas on DIY corrugated cardboard table pads…so far, all I’ve done is cut out two pieces of cardboard the size of my dining tabletop, and glued them together for strength.
    Want to “score” (or cut) and “hinge” the table pad with tape so I can fold it for easy storage. Also considering “laminating” the top side with contact paper for waterproofing…perhaps folding down excess contact paper over rough edge.

    Any suggestions?

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