Top 10 Battery Hacks, Tips, And Tricks

Top 10 Battery Hacks, Tips, And Tricks

The gadgets you love don’t always love you back—at least when it comes to battery life. But you can get more from your laptop, your iPod, your phone, and other devices with these 10 techniques.

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10. Turn C batteries into Ds with quarters

9. Keep your iPod “held” and updated

Playlist Magazine’s battery saving tips

8. Get a serious rechargeable batteries (and a charger)

Gizmodo’s faceoff of the big brands

7. Turn off your digital camera’s screen

6. Watch movies from hard drives, not DVDs


5. Extend your not-so-hot iPhone life

4. Stash your gadgets out of your pockets

decrease the overall life of lithium-ion batterieshave toPhoto by hsiqueira.

3. Get long-term battery life

MetaFilter threadBattery University linkguide to batteries

2. Make your system smarter with power

Vista Battery SaverSmartSleep

1. Recalibrate a laptop battery to regain life

explains in a Q & A

How do you get more power from your battery-powered gadgets? Whether it’s a laptop, a phone, or something we haven’t covered here, tell us (and link the how-tos) in the comments!


  • Quoted in Tip 10 “…This is a less useful tip for Aussie readers, obviously, since none of our coins is much like a US quarter in size, …”

    WTH? Have you ever handled an american quater?

    Coinage Quarter -> 10c AU = % diff
    Dia 24.26 mm -> 23.60 mm = -2.7%
    Thickness 1.75 mm -> 2.00 mm = +14%
    Mass 5.670 g -> 5.65 g = -0.3%

    Yeah, no similarity there at all.

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