Tjoos Launches Australia-Specific Coupon Site

tjoosauCoupon aggregator Tjoos has responded to criticisms of its local operation, rolling out an Australia-specific site for finding discount coupons.

When Lifehacker looked at Tjoos recently, my big complaint was that even though the site was run from Australia, it was almost impossible to find Australian coupons on the site without lots of digging, and that most of them didn't seem to have been verified.

The new Australian site goes a long way to answering that criticism, highlighting Australia-specific deals and verifying a fair whack of them. The founders claim there are currently around 3000 coupons on the site (including a few dozen that are only featured on Tjoos). Whether the site moderators will be able to keep up with verifying the seemingly endless flood of Domino's discount vouchers will take time to determine, but it's great to see a properly-focused coupon site for the Australian market.

Tjoos AU


    I've been curious about Tjoos launch in Australia, too. Now, as they have been around for a couple of month, I have mixed experiences with them. An estimated 30% to 40% of their codes seem not to work or to be outdated. On the other hand, Tjoos quite oftenly comes up with some exclusive promotions that not even us could find until then ;-).

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