The Wall Mounted Desk

When you've got extremely limited space to work in and a specific vision for how you want your workspace laid out, building your workspace to suit is the only economical way to go about it.

Lifehacker reader Duncan Mowatt didn't let the tiny dimensions of his office get him down. Although putting a traditional desk in the room would have swallowed up the floorspace, he still needed a work surface of some sort. Relying largely on material he already had around the house he built an extremely shallow wall-mounted desk. The monitor is attached to the back of it, the keyboard rests on a small shelf, and a slide out drawer glides out when he needs to use his graphics tablet for design work. His favourite thing about the desk is that because he built it from materials he had laying around he's more inclined to modify it as he needs to; most people are loathe to take power tools to their expensive store bought desks. For more pictures, including notes, check out the Flickr pool below.

The Wall Mounted Desk [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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